Our menus are based on a 3-week rotating cycle. We strive to provide fresh produce

Growing Together Preschool Menu

whenever possible. Offerings may change based on availability.  Water is available at all meal services. Due to our Kentucky Proud Farm to Preschool program, produce offerings will change frequently based on current harvest May – October.  See the typical harvest schedule on Lazy Eight Stock Farm’s website.  We provide substitutes for children who have a dietary medical need or diagnosed allergy when the Medical Statement for Children with Special Dietary Needs is received.  Soy milk is the provided substitution for cow milk.  Families who have a religious or personal dietary need are responsible for providing substitutions that fulfill the component that cannot be consumed (beans or other protein must substitute ham).  Crackers are not an acceptable substitute for fruits, vegetables or proteins.

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Foods Not Served

Due to potential choking hazard and allergic reaction, the following foods will not be served at GTP: hard candy, nuts, nut butters, suckers, whole grapes, hot dogs, raw peas, hard pretzels. These items may not be included in meals brought from home.