Tuition and Enrollment

Full Time, 4-5 Days
Infant/Toddler, 6 weeks – 36 months
$200 WEEK, 4-5 Days

Toddler/Preschool, 36months – 5 years:
$190 WEEK

Enrollment Fee:
$75 per family

Sibling Discount:


CCAP Child Care Assistance

Foster Care Billing

ACH Withdrawal

Cash and Check


*NOTE: We do not grant access to edit these documents live in Google Docs. You will need to download them, and complete them either on your computer or by printing.*

Enrollment Application

Food Program Form  (required for all applications)

Food Program Infant Addendum (required for all infants)

Food Program Medical Statement (required for all medically-indicated dietary restrictions)

Dietary restrictions due to a religious or personal reason require a written statement from the parent/guardian. Substitutions to meet the component requirements must be provided by the family.

Infant Feeding Plan (required for all children 15 months and younger)

Service Consent (required for all children receiving therapy services at the preschool)

Asthma Action Plan

Seizure Action Plan 

Special Health Needs

Application can be faxed to (859) 280-2254, emailed to or mailed to Growing Together Preschool, 599 Lima Drive, Lexington, KY 40511.