Mission and Philosophy


The mission of Growing Together Preschool, Inc. is to provide affordable learning and developmentally focused child care services to families of infants, toddlers and preschoolers. The nature of the services is educational and therapeutic, with an emphasis on inclusion.



That each individual, regardless of mental and/or physical limitations, is endowed with human dignity, is of value, is unique, and is entitled to respect and the rights as an individual.

That the freedoms, privileges and rights guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States and by the Bill of Rights are essential to a democratic society and embrace all members of that society.

That the contributions of our diverse backgrounds and differences of ability are essential to the strength and richness of society and of our preschool.

That the integration of these backgrounds and abilities in our preschool, both in curriculum and in practice, is essential to quality education.

That education for all individuals should be carried out in the least restrictive environment and should lead to the individual’s highest degree of independence and competence.

That since our society values productivity, education should equip all individuals for meaningful, satisfying work.

That a close interrelation among academics, independent living skills (including leisure activities), and vocational education is necessary to meet each individual’s total developmental needs.

That the preschool, family, and the community-at-large needs to realize each other’s significant role in order to enhance the education of individuals with a disability.

That effective education comes from a responsible and mutual effort on the part of preschool, individual, family, and community-at-large, including planning the preschool’s curriculum, achieving the educational objectives, and providing the necessary resources.

That acceptance by the community, including business and industry, is essential for social and economic integration; that these ends can best be met through education, visibility, and integration of individuals with disabilities into society in appropriate situations throughout life.