Growing like Ivy

Ivy, a two-year-old in Ms. Cathy’s classroom, is a bright, funny little girl with long, strawberry blonde hair and an enchanting laugh. Ivy was referred to GTP by her previous care provider for our inclusive early childhood education and to receive therapy services while at school. In the short amount of time she has attended […]

What can you do with half a brain?

Logan joined the GTP family last year upon the recommendation from his physical therapist for immersion with typical peers and access to early intervention services during the day so that his mother could return to work during the day. Logan experienced seizures shortly after birth and was diagnosed with Hemimegalencephaly, a rare neurological condition in […]

Individualized, Nurturing Care Made All The Difference

Lauren and her family came to Growing Together Preschool beleaguered by difficulties. Lauren had grown up with some unique speech challenges: though she could inflect and speak with meaning, her phrases came out largely as babbling, with an occasional word anchoring her requests and statements to an idea. While her family could understand Lauren’s speech, […]

Family-Centered Support

Sometimes, families come to Growing Together Preschool facing a number of daunting challenges as they try to secure the best possible care for their children. Chasity and her family fit that description well, but thanks to the services provided by GTP and their partners, their story has a happy ending. Chasity’s mother toured GTP the […]

A GTP Legacy

Tayshawn works with his speech therapist, Ms. Sharon.

Tayshawn came to Growing Together as an infant at the urging of his great-grandmother. Born to a teenage mother, a village of family and teachers raise and care for Tayshawn. He has lived with his mother and great-grandmother his whole life, with his great-grandfather helping to raise him as well. Tayshawn has experienced much adversity […]

He’s come so far

When Aiden came to Growing Together Preschool a year and a half ago, he wasn’t interested in speaking or eating. Being away from his family was difficult but Ms. Deb, Aiden’s first teacher at GTP, was glad he came.    Growing Together Preschool is a special place for all children, especially those like Aiden who […]

GTP Makes a Difference in the Lives of Typically-Developing Children Too

Typically, we share stories of the children in our care who have special needs and are receiving our therapy services in addition to early care and education. However, we know that the model of inclusion and our high-quality program benefit children who are typically-developing. Today, we share the experience of Valentina and her family. When […]

A Place of Acceptance and Love for Conor

“I really can’t tell you how much it means to know he’s got such great people taking care of him and being so attentive to his status. It makes this whole going to work thing a bit easier!” – Amber Horne, Conor’s Mother For nearly the first five months of his life, Conor spent his […]

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