Growing Together Preschool, Inc. is governed by a voluntary board of directors which assumes responsibility of the agency operations as follows:

  • To act as trustees of the agency on behalf of its donors and/or funding sources
  • To collaborate with the Executive Director to determine goals and objectives
  • To establish policies, other general guidelines and limits for agency operations
  • To be legally accountable for all aspects of agency operation
  • To authorize programs sponsored by the agency
  • To evaluate the results of the agency’s operation
  • To provide oversight of financial and operational practice
  • To secure funds to ensure the financial health and sustainability of the program

Growing Together Preschool, Inc. Board of Directors


Patricia “Trish” Vanaman 859-333-0244



Michelle Morris


Megan Dickson

Erin Wilson

Information on our financials, operations, and program results can be viewed on our Guidestar profile.

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