Growing Together Preschool, Inc. values and supports families. We are pleased to offer our families a comprehensive scholarship program. Our ability to offer scholarships is dependent upon the financial condition of the preschool and available scholarship funds.


Children are eligible for tuition scholarships if they meet the following criteria:

  1. The child has a diagnosed disability and the family agrees to use Growing Together Preschool’s therapists
  2. The child enrolls in the Early Head Start program
  3. The child qualifies for Child Care Assistance funding (CCAP)

If any family exceeding income eligibility for CCAP believes that special circumstances affect their ability to pay full tuition, they may describe their situation on this application. Eligible scholarship families with more than one child enrolled at Growing Together Preschool may be awarded scholarships for each child (fill out one application for each child). Scholarship recipients should notify the Executive Director if their financial situation improves midyear, lessening their need for assistance. Scholarship funds do not cover the registration fee, late pickup fees, collection fees, missed days not covered by CCAP, previously paid tuition or any other financial obligation to the preschool. Scholarships are only available for full-time enrollment.


Scholarship applications are kept strictly confidential. Financial information is reviewed only by the school’s Executive Director, Finance Director, Board Treasurer and Early Head Start Enrollment Specialist. Scholarship decisions will be communicated to applicants by mail.


Growing Together Preschool Scholarship, 599 Lima Drive, Lexington, KY 40511

APPLICATION CHECKLIST (click on hyperlinks to download documents)

____ Growing Together Preschool Enrollment Application

____ Growing Together Preschool Scholarship Application

____ Documentation of child’s diagnosis

____ Proof of Child Care Assistance funding

____ Early Head Start Application

____ Proof of income (previous year’s income tax return and two most recent pay stubs)