Our family is extremely grateful for Growing Together Preschool. Parker was born prematurely and spent time in the NICU. Like a lot of first-time parents, entrusting our tiny, precious baby with caregivers was very anxiety-provoking. From day one, we knew Growing Together Preschool was the right choice. Speech and motor delays were identified early for Parker and, due to the wonderful partnership with Horn and Associates, he had access to therapies during the course of his regular day that would have been very challenging to manage otherwise. We welcomed Charlotte into the world in the midst of Covid. GTP went above and beyond the recommended guidelines to keep our children as healthy as possible and eased the worries about our newborn’s care. Due to a medical condition, Charlotte has had three separate hospital stays, one requiring intubation in the PICU. We have relied heavily on her teachers at GTP to help us monitor and proactively manage any symptoms they may see. She has also been receiving OT services which GTP helped coordinate. We know all of the staff truly care about our kids and we will forever be grateful for the peace of mind and support that we have been blessed to experience here. Please consider giving to this wonderful, caring place. ❤️