IMG_3480Logan joined the GTP family last year upon the recommendation from his physical therapist for immersion with typical peers and access to early intervention services during the day so that his mother could return to work during the day. Logan experienced seizures shortly after birth and was diagnosed with Hemimegalencephaly, a rare neurological condition in which one side of the brain is abnormally larger than the other. Typically, the smaller side of the brain will develop abnormally or slower and the enlarged tissues on the large side of the brain will cause frequent seizures. These conditions result in cognitive or behavioral disabilities. In order to control the seizures, Hemimegalencephaly is treated by surgically removing part of the brain or surgically disconnecting the affected side from other brain structures in a procedure called a hemispherectomy. Logan underwent this procedure prior to enrolling at GTP and has been seizure free since. At age two and half Logan has speech and developmental delays and visual impairment. However, the prognosis for children who are treated with hemispherectomy is incredibly positive! Many children achieve typical or near typical development with the assistance of early intervention therapeutic services, like those offered at GTP, to support the brain in making new connections to gradually take over the functions performed by the affected side. Check out the possibilities in the TEDx Talks video.

We expect to see Logan accomplish great things in his life. In the year and a half, he has been with us at GTP, Logan has progressed from being unable to hold up his head to sitting independently. He is communicating through sign language and making choices with buttons. He waves hello and goodbye, loves to sing, and is happiest when he is playing with friends. His therapists recommended that he begin in the infant classroom because his development and needs were better supported by the more individualized care. Now, his family, teachers, and therapists are ready for him to join his same age peers and the team is working together to transition him to a toddler classroom!


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